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Why Buy Certified Used Computer Hardware?

Buying certified used equipment can lower your total cost of ownership without loss of quality,

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reliability or service. We advocate a dedicated effort to set aside 10-25% of your overall IT hardware equipment budget to incorporate refurbished equipment acquisitions.  When companies buy refurbished equipment, they lower their total cost of ownership in the process and realize benefits in the following four areas:

1. Significant direct savings on all of the refurbished equipment that you acquire when compared to the price of new equipment after adjusting for warranty and licensing issues .

2. Significant indirect savings from the OEM on your new equipment purchases in the form of steeper discounts realized from the OEM for new equipment offerings which now have to compete with quality refurbished offerings.

3. Additional "soft dollar" savings in the form of additional services as a result of an increase in competition.

4. An increase in value of your surplus IT equipment assets at the end of useful life.  When you buy refurbished IT hardware, you endorse the practice.  When combined with the purchasing activities of like minded others, the net effect is to increase demand and velocity for refurbished IT assets.  These circumstances all lead to a bolstering of used IT hardware prices.  Whether you are disposing of your surplus assets for cash or working with an asset recovery partner (as we strongly recommend!) you benefit by boosting demand and liquidity which support remarketing values."

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